Carl Twarog
Carl Twarog

Shot of In-Progress Sculpt for Spinal Cord Physiology Simulation Project

skeleton sculpt image In progress digital sculpt of skeleton with reference skeleton shown at right.

Shots of In-Progress 2D Platformer Video Game

concept art for game image Screen shot of color concept art for in-progress 2D platformer video game. Concept study for player character in blue.
main character images Color shape studies for main character.
main character images Pencil sketch for detailed version of main character.
Color test for background. Color test for sample background.
Sample sketch for game world. Sample sketch for game world.

Push Button Board for Angelman's Patient (BBEEPP)

BBEEPP board The Button Board Emitting Electronic Push Project device is a sound and light board designed to help develop motor skills in patients with Angelman’s Syndrome. I built the circuit and one-off board with blue tooth session log at right for $97 in my shop.

Physical Computing Workshop Exercises Booklet

workshop booklet image This booklet was printed as a teaching/study guide for arduino-based microcontroller workshops incorporating electric circuit experimentation, programming, and sensors. Cover shown above. Sample interior spread, below.

Caned-Top Table Designs

caned table image Experimentation with original table designs with hand caned tops. Details of table at left are shown below. Center compression member (lower left) offsets cane tension.

Wood Strip Canoe Design


canoe image Original canoe design built from white pine strips with African Mahogany trim, hand-caned seats, and hewn decks that curve in three dimensions.

2D Character Designs


character image 2D character design and character sheet.
storyboard image Storyboard sketch for animated short film.
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updated: November 18, 2015